An Oral History of Seabrook, Texas from 1832....

About Me


As an American History educator, I am passionate about capturing the oral histories of Seabrook’s older residents and using those to share, preserve and educate all of our citizens in the importance of learning about and understanding our past and its impact on our present and future.

Everyone in every town in America has a story to tell....and yet, we are all more alike than we are different.  It is those shared similarities that bind us as a nation of communities....History tells us why things are the way they are, and there is a renewed interest in Oral History across the country.  I am also creating  an educational component that includes lesson plans for schools to help youngsters of all ages archive interviews with their family members and help them understand what they can learn from their family history.

"Voices By The Bay: The Oral History of Seabrook" is a 150 minute film,  documenting regional, local, and family history through interviews with long-time residents of the area. Their stories, and the story of their community is illuminated by an extraordinary collection of over 600 personal family photos and documents. I embarked on this project solo, conducting the interviews, shooting all the video, etc. but came to the conclusion that to achieve the best results, I needed to call in the 'Professionals' for the editing and digital mastering.   Fortunately, I knew an excellent media company to carry this forward-....Windward media . net.
I have also worked as a Production Assistant with Windward media which recently completed a Documentary –“Galveston-Gateway on the Gulf” for Houston PBS Television, nominated for a Lone Star Emmy.   This is my first foray as an independent but with plenty of great help to keep me focused,  this has proven to be fun, exciting, and important from a historical perspective.   

 I feel fortunate to have the opportunity to share  "Voices By the Bay" with all of you!

                                                        Karen Tisdel    
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