An Oral History of Seabrook, Texas from 1832....

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Among the many fascinating stories of hardship, survival, sacrifice and fun, their voices, documents, belongings and photos tell of watching crabs and water moccasins fighting it out in the swirling waters through the floors during a hurricane, summers spent by youngsters diving for pennies for each beer bottle retrieved from the channel off of Muecke’s dock, hitching up a mule team to pull those model Ts out of the mud on Todville road, flounder gigging with a lantern in the bay, the principal at an early school serving his homemade beans to the students, the “Miss Wharf Rat” contests at a very pink landmark bar, MARIBELLES, known worldwide among the space community. You could find everyone there, from astronauts, Red Adair to Willie Nelson, who wrote Bloody Mary Morning there while remembering a girl...how NASA grew this sleepy fishing town from a steady 300 population to 3000, almost overnight; beautiful huge turn of the century hotels and restaurants built on the Bayfront attracting the rich and famous from Houston who came here for the cooler bay breezes- also good for asthma patients they said.... gathering at Muecke’s Place on the channel for seafood, as well as mummies, monkeys and alligators! the hand cranked ferry between Seabrook and Kemah, to be replaced with a drawbridge, consternating sailors and drivers alike, Pine Gully Park with its huge ancient Indian campsite and midden mound, shipbuilding for the navy at Seabrook Shipyard during WWII, early large ‘working’ sailboats on the Bay delivering mail and calling out race challenges to each other and did you know that Howard Hughes had his own brewery and a beer called Grand Prize Beer-for a while, the best selling beer in Texas! 

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